NCMN system screen kits

Currently we offer design, synthesis, characterization and comparative application analyses of a series of novel classes of NCMN system kits. Although each NCMN polymer can solubilize various model membrane proteins and conserve native lipids into NCMN particles, only the NCMNP7-x series reveals lipid-protein particles with good buffer compatibility and high homogeneity suitable for single-particle cryo-EM analysis.

NCMN Screen Kits Catalog


We currently offer three polymer kits, but feel free to ask about research kits for other specialized protein targets. Please ask for samples of NCMNP7-x.  


Protein purification 

We offer protein purification services, utilizing the NCMB screening and purification kits. 

Structure determination services

We offer full structure determination services, at the cryo-em facility of your choice.  We offer training plans and workshops for using the NCMN system in structural biology drug development programs. 

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